Sassy Pants

I decided I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with a pair of awesome fingerless mittens with tmnt on them. I’ve always wanted to make gloves, the thing I’ve had trouble with the most was finding a pattern. I’ve spent years looking for simple fingerless glove patterns but they all seem to be thrilly with no fingers! Luckily I came across this free pattern! (Linked in case you fancy giving it a go, pretty easy to follow and it’s knitted on two needles- not in the round)

Next was to find some tmnt pixel art to put on them. After a few minutes on google images, I came across pixelblock’s tmnt pixel art. I loved the faces, the smiles, the weapons, the detail. I contacted the artist and asked their permission to knit their design onto some gloves. After getting the go ahead I thought I’d best knit a test run, you know, just in case the designs don’t translate well as a knitting pattern. Good job I did!

Realising I’ve probably made a very obvious rookie error in trying to knit a pattern too detailed too small I decided to stop what I was doing and dumb down the pixels and try again.

Feeling happy and confident, I made a few more changes and thought


As you can see below, it was a pretty messy affair, I don’t think knitting is hard but I do think it takes a lot of concentration and a lot of patience. I had to work out where abouts on the mitten the turtles would go. Working out how many stitches I needed for a mitten and how many for a turtle and placing them in the middle. It was pretty simple to do but hard to explain so that’s all you’re getting.

I was all set to time myself as to how long it took me to knit these, but I didn’t and my poor memory and poor ability to think things out in my head means I can only give you an estimate which probably isn’t all that reliable. The ribbing on the glove took me around 3 hours I’d say, the glove itself and the fingers was around 3-5 hours? I dunno, and the mittens themselves with the pattern must have taken like 5 hours.. maybe 3, who knows? Let’s guess it was around 15 hours a finished glove, which was over a couple of days, a few hours a day, and a good chunk of the weekend, which also includes things like loo breaks, flicking through the tv channels to find something decent on, being distracted by a puppy and many accounts of staring off into space for no real reason.

When I’d finished I decided to post them to my girlfriend because what’s better than a parcel you weren’t expecting with a gift inside? Only feeling slightly worried they would get lost in the post, and worried also they wouldn’t fit her as I didn’t have her hands as a reference and also worried that maybe she’d think they were super lame… I didn’t need to worry though.

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